Let me make it clear on how to Fill the Fresh Water Tank

Let me make it clear on how to Fill the Fresh Water Tank

As A rver that is new there are plenty what to read about your travel trailer or motorhome. It could be overwhelming in the beginning. That’s why Outdoorsy has established a unique series entitled “One Big Question,” where we tackle one brand new action, walking you through exactly just what often is apparently a task that is daunting. Today’s real question is:

How do I fill my freshwater tank up?

You can find therefore numerous systems in an RV that sometimes we forget the most basic…water. Every camper is made just a little differently, but each possesses freshwater tank. You will usage fresh water for drinking, cooking, doing meals, showers, and utilizing the bathroom whenever you are not hooked up to an outside water supply. Therefore learning how exactly to fill the freshwater tank is really a definite requisite.

Never Mix

Before you appear for the freshwater fill valve, there clearly was one concept this is certainly extremely important regarding water. You ought to have a hose that is devoted totally to your freshwater system. Don’t use this hose whenever cleansing a hose that is septic also for washing your RV. Keep it split so you do not risk contamination of one’s drinking tap water.

As soon as you’ve designated a hose for consuming water/freshwater, attach it to your freshwater intake valve (often labeled “city water”). Connect one other end of this hose to a water spigot. During my RV, We have a lever I hook up at a campsite that I can pull to fill my tank or to bypass my water tank when.

Exactly How Complete Is Comprehensive?

Before the spigot is opened by you, find your tank indicators as part of your automobile. Keep in mind: tank indicators are notoriously inaccurate and aesthetically seeing exactly just how complete your tank is will continually be more accurate than an indicator. Continue reading “Let me make it clear on how to Fill the Fresh Water Tank”

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